Abolitionist Vegans for Peace

Friends in the Struggle

Animal Connection of Texas – a large and busy animal advocacy group that has generously offered to allow us to disseminate our information to their members.

ARZone (Animal Rights Zone) – a place for open discussion, guest speakers, podcasts, and information sharing. All are welcome.

Boston Vegan Association – This group provided us with free leaflets, Respect Animals, and also provides a nutritional pamphlet free to advocacy groups.

Cheerful Critters – This is a pet services business run by our own Ken Botts and his wife.

DFW Wildlife – This group gave us so much helpful information when we started and they continue to hold an important place in local aimal rescue.

FeralFriends – Another rescue group that works tirelessly to help feral cats through TNR programs and rehoming. They also helped place our foster felines.

Friends of Arlington Animal Services – This local group saves thousands of local animals and is also a support for the volunteers at AAS.

Igualdad Animal – a large group that provides powerful demonstrations in Madrid and around the globe as well as direct rescue. They are an anti-speciesist organization.

Invercargill Vegan Society – An abolitionist vegan group in New Zealand, started by podcaster Jordan Wyatt of Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals, they are also a very new group.

Metroplex Animal Coalition – MAC is an umbrella organization that tries to find homes for homeless animals in the DFW area and beyond. They occasionally post adoption events on our page and have generously offered us a table at their events.

Non-Violence United – This group has provided us with many brochures and a DVD which helps people connect with their own values.

On Human Nonhuman Relations – Blog from Dublin professor of Sociology Dr. Roger Yates, a long time animal rights advocate. Interesting academic perspective from a former ALF Press Officer.

Pawsitively Texas – a local group that has an active Facebook page that helps animals find forever homes.

Peaceful Prairie – a vegan sanctuary that offers online outreach literature and created our leaflet about dairy industry’s true cost.

Red Rover – Training partners for preparing us to assist animals in disaster. They also offer training in humane education and provide financial assistance for animals whose guardians are struggling.

St. Louis Animal Rights Team – We met START when they challenged us  with a vegan wager on the World Series – and they won!

Transpawtation Texas – this group helps to find transportation to save animal lives. They drive tirelessly and have been a great resource.

UNT Vegan Club – This is a new alliance with the progressive work going on in the Denton area.

UTA Vegan Club – This is an active group on the UTA campus.

VegFund – This wonderful organization has provided us with a Merit Award that helped us get through our first year as an animal advocacy organization. The also provide free vegan food for events and outreach.

Vegan101 – Many of us are also members of this large group of local vegans. They allow us to post our events on their site, as long as they do not conflict with their own events.


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