Abolitionist Vegans for Peace

Our First Booth at the Texas State Veggie Fair

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by Barbara DeGrande

On October 21, 2012, Animal Rights & Rescue proudly joined forces with Dallas Vegan and the Texas State Veggie Fair organizers to participate in one of the greatest annual vegan events in DFW. Every year seems to top the prior year, thanks to the hard work of the organizers and sponsors. Kudos to James Scott and his TSVF crew who have been willing to take on such a huge task.

Reverchon Park: a Perfect Location for TSVF 2012

Reverchon Park in Dallas was the chosen venue and it was nearly perfect. The location afforded enough room for the music to play in the background, so the vendors could hear people that approached our booths. The indoors was not as crowded this year and offered climate-controlled temperatures for speakers and audiences. There was only a brief wait for the restrooms, and plenty of shade to keep us cool. The weather was even on our side (remember the mud puddles and early AM electrical storm last year?). There was plenty of free parking across from the park, and the unloading was super easy for the vendors. Best of all, there were numerous food vendors with too many selections to imagine. Char tried the ice cream sandwiches from Cool Haus and while pricey, she said it was well worth it. I saw other ARRNT members trying tacos, corn dogs, and lots of free samples.  Ken Botts was a judge at the fried food competition – he had his socks blown off by the fried Frito Pie from what I hear!

Vegan Thanks to Participants and Helpers!

Thanks to Ellie, Millie, Dana and Marianne for helping staff the booth, and to everyone who attended and helped make it a very special event. We networked with several other groups: ARC (Animal Rescue Corps) is going to help us become contingent rescuers until we can get rescue trained. Some of their members have also been trained by Red Rover, as our group has. Animal Connection of Texas, our neighbors during the Fair, said they would like to collaborate on an event with us, too. We also had 30 people sign up to join us and each one was emailed an individual note with information about our group. We also were given over $100 in donations ($120), including the purchase of one tee shirt. One young man came by and dropped $40 in our donation jar – we wanted to track him down and offer him a tee shirt but couldn’t find him. Thank you kind sir!

A special thank you to Char Duncan, our Vice President. Since this author was fighting off bronchitis and also had a migraine, there is no way the event could have taken place without her. She had already done double duty the day before at Paws in the Park, a River Legacy event to benefit local shelter animals run by Friends of Arlington Animal Services. Thanks, Char, for being such a trusted friend to animals — and to ARRNT!


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