Abolitionist Vegans for Peace

World Farm Animals Day at UTA

by Barbara DeGrande

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Another great collaboration took place with the Vegan Club of UTA on World Farm Animals Day, October 2, 2012. Margaret Strebeck and I met Ann Mai, president of the UTA Vegan Club, near the Planetarium, but discovered we had a dilemma. Our requested tables and chairs had not been approved. No worries – I have a folding table that is part of my CRV, so we brought that out and made a quick call to Millie Hunt Fain of ARRNT who brought a card table with her. Meanwhile, Nora Kramer of Mercy for Animals went to purchase a 6′ table for the Pay Per View.

We offered hundreds of Field Roast Sausage samples (Apple Sage and Chipotle) and had not one complaint. Most students seemed impressed with the taste and texture. Ann Mai brought mini cupcakes with chocolate topping – they disappeared before our eyes! We had 46 students watch Pay Per View and many donated their earned dollars right back to Vegan Club. We gave out about 2,000 pieces of vegan literature and every student that watched Pay Per View was given a Vegan Starter Kit. One of the most rewarding aspects of UTA outreach is that the students may well read the offered literature cover to cover. Discussions at the table included Fair Trade, vegan nutrition, animal use, and transitioning to veganism. Those watching the Pay Per View also admitted they were surprised at what they witnessed.

Thank you to VegFund for supplying some of our outreach materials and food; thank you to MFA for providing the Compassionate Choices booklets, too. Thanks to every ARRNT member who helps make these kinds of important educational opportunities happen.


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