Abolitionist Vegans for Peace

Animal Rights & Rescue of North Texas – Our Commitments

We recently had an explanation of our group, our commitments, reasons to go vegan, and a list of online resources printed up in halfsheet form for distributing throughout the community. Here is what our promotional sheets say:

We view animals as fellow earthlings and are working to educate others about our amazing neighbors on this planet, to increase respect and understanding between all living beings, and to be advocates for peace and justice.

Our Commitments:

  • Maintain an attitude of respect for all forms of life, regardless of species.
  • Maintain respect for the rights of animals to live their own lives and not to be exploited. As such, we support the abolition of animal exploitation rather than the regulation of exploitation.
  • Maintain veganism as the baseline for protecting animals from exploitation. By providing creative vegan education, we hope to teach respect towards all animals.
  • Maintain an attitude of non-violence and peace in our relations with others, whether human or non-human animals.
  • Maintain an anti-oppression stance, since we know that all oppression is interrelated.
  • Maintain a group that supports the lives of local animals through rescue trainings; shelter, sanctuary, wildlife, and habitat support; and community education and outreach.

 Why Vegan?

HUNGER:  A plant-based diet requires less resources and would help feed the world’s starving people.

POLLUTION: Raising livestock destroys our waterways, pollutes the soil and air, and diminishes our quality of life.

DISEASE: Eating animals has been linked to degenerative diseases such as heart disease, high cholesterol, cancer, diabetes and obesity.

VIOLENCE: The extreme cruelty and violence that is inherent in using animals damages the human spirit and increases violence in the world.

What You Can Do!

  • Adopt a vegan lifestyle. This will prevent thousands of animals from lives of suffering.
  • Avoid the circus, rodeo, zoo, or aquarium for entertainment. Many animals are subjected to horrible lives of confinement and premature death for our momentary pleasure.
  • Adopt, do not buy, if you want to live with an animal. Avoid support for animal breeding while animals are dying in shelters.
  • Volunteer at your local shelter and encourage them to adopt the No Kill philosophy.
  • Make certain you have made disaster plans for any animals living with or near you.
  • Help us to spread the word!

Further information:




http:// www.animalequality.net/



Or contact us by email: ARRNTx@gmail.com.  We are also on Facebook, Twitter (@ARRNorthTexas) and maintain a blog on the web (ARRNT.com).


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