Abolitionist Vegans for Peace

Spiral Diner Dallas Delights

Because we have a number of members in the greater Dallas area, we decided to try a Meetup in Dallas for a change. Where else would we begin exploring Dallas vegan eateries than the wonderful Spiral Diner? Our Earth Day event took place right down the street and some of us managed to sneak in for a quick ice cream treat to make the day even more glorious. Since that had been months ago, it was time to visit Spiral again. Not only does Spiral offer a wide variety of veganized comfort foods, but they have some terrific salads and inspiring desserts.

One of the best reasons for participating in our Meetups is meeting wonderful people. This event was no exception, with a new person joining us for the first time — welcome, Mary! We also had members that drove down from Denton — we appreciate the effort and hope they will join us at the Veggie State Fair in October, too. We hope our vegan hugs made the drive tolerable!

While there is nothing better than a Spiral meal, the acoustics make it very difficult to converse. Written updates were given out, but little business took place. We took in $20 in donations (thank you, thank you) which really helps, and looked at our upcoming events calendar. We also reviewed some potential projects for World Vegan Day and the State Veggie Fair in November and October respectively. We are waiting for quotes on a memorial tree planting plaque (WVD) and colored ARRNT tee shirts (SVF), as well as the cost of placing animal advocacy ads on the DART system. We are also needing to save up for our 501(c)3, so another garage sale may be in our future. Meanwhile, we are working to get a PayPal account for online donations – just a few more details to get it completed.

Next Meetup will be at Loving Hut on August 4th at 4 PM. Check our Meetup page for other events! And please join our Facebook page as well!


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