Abolitionist Vegans for Peace

Loving-Hut-is-OPEN Meetup!!

We cannot be sure exactly why, but Loving Hut decided to reopen as a restaurant with seating, with an expanded menu, and with some self-service additions.  Seeing that flashing OPEN sign on the window was a wonderful contrast to the dismal CLOSED sign we saw at our prior LH Meetup.  This Meetup was a record for ARRNT, with seventeen people attending (though only five were members).  Everyone was encouraged to join us on Meetup dot com and thanked for attending. These events not only help to galvanize the community to support our efforts, to support other animal advocates, but also help a struggling vegan business stay healthy and survive. We expect to be hosting monthly LH meet ups in addition to our other Meetups, too.

We also dropped off a dozen of our new ARRNT brochures, which delineate our commitments, reasons for going vegan, and online links for further information. We will check back to see if anyone picks up our flyers and note if anyone joins us because of them.

If you missed this great gathering, check our Facebook page for the next Loving Hut Meetup in August! And, have a wonderful summer.


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