Abolitionist Vegans for Peace

Last Chance for Loving Hut

On Saturday, 26 May 2012, ARRNT members planned to meet at the Arlington Loving Hut for the final time. Sadly, the restaurant was unable to continue as a full service restaurant and will be converting to a take-out only service to be called Vegan Express. Vegan Express will service local business people and residents only between 11 and 3 pm, M-F, making it impossible as a venue for future meet ups. They are reportedly taking out all seating, just to seal the deal, and with no weekend service, it means we will not be able to visit the new Vegan Express en masse.

Loving Loving Hut!

Despite being reassured that the restaurant would be open and functioning on Saturday, May 26, 2012; despite them being closed due to an alleged broken AC  on Tuesday night; despite them planning to close between 3 pm and 5 pm on Saturday; despite all the changes we made so we could patronize their restaurant one last time –when we arrived, we found them to be closed – forever. A kind member of Vegan101 had noticed our meetup plans and tried to contact us when they went for an early lunch and had noticed our plans for the meetup that same day. (Thank you John!) However, it was too late to catch everyone but one person, who agreed to meet there anyway and wait til our members showed up.

Freebirds (We Like the Sound of THAT!)

We waited til about 1:20 and then headed over to try to find Freebirds, a restaurant known to have vegan beans, rice and tortillas, and plenty of vegan fillings.  Not only that, but Freebirds is also known to be an enterprise that donates time to animal adoptions and other civic events.  After driving around the Arlington Highlands searching for a non-existent PeiWei, we finally found Freebirds and a late-arriving new member, who caught up with us out front of the build-your-own-burrito establishment.  By then, we were so hungry we were ready to eat chips, salsa, whatever they  had, but were surprised at the generous portions and choices for vegans. (Beware: even the smallest burritos are pretty hefty!)

Seeing Red for Animals

While most of the time was spent getting to know one of our new members, we also signed letters for the Red Letter Day for Dolphins. Some members even took extra copies home to try to gain more signatures —  it all helps. The idea is to help the officials See Red, not turn the Sea Red for the annual dolphin slaughter. This horrific event results in a few captured dolphins, separated from their families, while the rest are slaughtered in brutal fashion. All letters were respectful and will be mailed out before June 6th so that, hopefully, the officials will receive a million red envelopes and respect the lives of these amazing sentient animals.

Our next events will be a college leafleting event June 12th and the film viewing on June 17th of One Lucky Elephant, along with a potluck and planning for future events. Please consider joining us and bringing along a friend or family member. The film is a heart-tugging, thoughtful examination of the human-nonhuman alliance and how our limited awareness impacts others. Don’t miss it!


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