Abolitionist Vegans for Peace

Oak Cliff Earth Day and ARRNT’s Tabling Premier

Char helped with absolutely everything!

Barb spreading the word on Earth Day

On a hot, blue-sky day, Animal Rights & Rescue unveiled our new gold canopy, logo banner, and table coverings at the Oak Cliff Earth Day. The organizers of the event were welcoming, helpful, and created a well-run event that resulted in neighbors joining with neighbors in sharing space, time and work. The spirit of cooperation led ARRNT to combine forces with many other groups including rescues, vegan advocacy groups, environmental groups, health groups, and educators.  We are hoping that this one festival will create many new networking opportunities for our group as well.

While our space overlooking the lake was not as high volume as some, it was by far the loveliest. We did have many people stop by and take literature, talk with us, procure a reusable shopping bag (courtesy of Oak Cliff Shell) and a few lucky shoppers were given a free book if they expressed interest in the topic. The Kid’s Table, all of two feet tall, had its own custom covering to match the larger table, and it was a hit with the younger set. Free necklace with animal photos were given to many children, as were facts about the chosen animals.

If you missed it, consider the upcoming Texas State Veggie Fair in October. With an increasing number of vendors, this should be the best By then we will know how to set up and take down the tent and have a better idea what works to get the public interested in our booth.

Beautiful Lake Cliff Park on a gorgeous Spring Day!

Claire, Adam and Ellie man the booth


One response

  1. Such a fun event on a perfect April day in Texas!

    April 27, 2012 at 12:53 PM

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