Abolitionist Vegans for Peace

Annual ARRNT Benefit a Success

On a beautiful Spring Saturday in March, ARRNT held another benefit and garage sale. Learning from past sales, we anchored our large, more colorful signs with sandbags (kitty litter) and twist-tied them to boxes that would not budge. The amount of traffic was also encouraged by the good weather, the visible signs, and by a neighborhood conjoint sale that was well-publicized and well documented. Shoppers arrived before the doors even opened, with three people getting a preview and purchasing some items that normally never sell. We also had three people shopping to send things overseas to people who would appreciate our donated items.

Thanks to Helpful ARRNT Members

Helping to price items before the sale were ARRNT members Char and Margaret, who did a great job of getting us ready to make a sale. Char added sizes to the price tags of clothing items and Margaret looked up unknown still-in-the-package items from Ikea in order to identify and price them. Helping out on sale day were members Char (the early shift), Adam and Claire (the cleanup crew). By the end of the sale, all items were sorted for a future sale or for donating to another rescue group.

Supporting Our Mission through Fundraising

The sale earned us enough money to pay our fees for the next six months, with almost enough left to purchase a pop-up tent with sidewalls for tabling. These tents are required at most events and help to keep volunteers safe from wind, rain and sun while manning the tables. With tent rentals at $100 per event, it is prudent to purchase a durable tent for all the many future plans we have! Possible future plans for tabling include the Earth Day festival in Oak Cliff, the Eco-Festival or State Veggie Fair in the fall. (We will also be tabling with the Vegan Club at the UTA campus this month, too.) We will be looking for opportunities to collaborate with like-minded groups who may want to join us in our work to increase understanding and respect for all other beings on the planet.

A big Thank You to everyone who supported the event. We even received some donations from the community and talked with interested citizens about what is happening to animals, how animals are sentient, intelligent and often misunderstood by humans, and all too often used as commodities rather than respected as valued living beings. A few people took our business cards, and a copy of our dairy information sheet was put in every bag for everyone who shopped. Let’s hope the real pay-off for the benefit will be in educating the public!


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