Abolitionist Vegans for Peace

Winter 2012 Executive Committee Meeting

by Barbara DeGrande

Our first Executive Committee Meeting of the year went high-tech with a coordinated Skype call. Due to time and distance constraints, we found it difficult to have our usual in-person format. Joining us for the first time was new committee member Char Duncan. Char brings a world of activist experience to the table and is involved in many aspects of advocacy work, including her new position as volunteer at the Arlington Animal Shelter.

For our first order of business, we determined we would host another Loving Hut Meetup in early February. Not only are these meetups our most popular, but they have been a good source of donations due to the generosity of those attending. We generate many new ideas from these supportive meetups and really appreciate the great turnouts, activists, and conversations that take place.

We also identified two collaborative efforts that we wanted to tackle: Char will be coordinating with Savanna Batten of Animal Connection of Texas (ACT) to find out about the possibility of offering vegan support to the local Occupy House. Savanna has been instrumental in veganizing the Occupy movement locally, and helping advocates understand the interconnection of all types of exploitation. Adam will be coordinating with Anna Mai of the Vegan Club at UTA for possible future collaboration, tabling or leafleting on campus. Adam has also voiced interest in moving into the Media Coordinator position, while reducing his role but still remaining involved with social media. This is an emerging position that will become more critical as we begin to stage demonstrations, protests, and participate in tabling events.

Work will continue on the upcoming Garage Sale, slated for early March. We are still receiving donations but will be ending acceptance of donated items in about four weeks, so now is the time to clean out those closets and garages and find what you no longer need that is resale-able.  These events help pay our monthly expenses as well as help with outreach material, a needed popup tent for tabling, and the purchase of a new logo banner that will match our new business cards.

And so the year 2012 begins! According to the Chinese calendar, this is going to be The Year of the Dragon, a year that symbolizes power, wealth, and good fortune. May it also be a year that liberates many, many other animals.


2 responses

  1. Cheryl Ananda

    Let me know when the next meeting or meet-up is happening.

    February 13, 2012 at 3:55 AM

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