Abolitionist Vegans for Peace

Advocacy Groups in the North Texas Area

Animal Rights & Rescue is not the only group working to advocate against exploitation in the North Texas region. We have learned of the work of many of our fellow advocates and wanted to highlight the important work they are doing in our region, for the benefit of others. These groups include:

Animal Connection of Texas primarily supports single issue campaigns against some of the worst animal abusers in the State. They have demonstrated against the circus, the rodeo, slaughterhouses, cattle auctions, fur sales, and pet stores that buy from puppy mills.

DFW Harp Seal Rescue is working to end the needless slaughter of innocent baby Harp Seals in Canada.

DFW Wildlife works tirelessly to help injured and ill wildlife, to promote knowledge about wildlife, and to assist the public by referring to appropriate services.

Emergency Horse Transport helps meet the transportation needs for animals in emergency situations.

Feral Friends works to assist feral felines who otherwise have very difficult lives.

Friends of Arlington Animal Shelter work to save as many animal lives as possible in the City of Arlington, Texas through aggressive and creative outreach.

Furever Friends is a rehoming agency that helps saves animal lives by offering fostering and adoption events for domesticates.

Metroplex Animal Coalition is a collective of animal rescues that help find homes for the homeless domesticates in the DFW area.

Occupy Dallas works the give voice to the exploited majority of citizens.

Pawsitively Texas works to help the homeless domesticates reach a wider audience of potential forever homes.

Prairie Paws is the animal shelter for the Grand Prairie area.

Serenity Springs Farm Animal Sanctuary rescues farm animals, horses, goats, donkeys, cows, pigs, cats and dogs as well as birds such as chickens and peacocks.

SPCA of Texas works primarily on rehoming owner-surrendered animals, often the first animals to be euthanized in public shelters.

Transpawtation TX is a group that assists rescued animals find transport to their new homes throughout the north Texas area.

UTA Vegan Club is an active group that works to support veganism and vegans on campus and in the community.

UNT Vegan Club is at the university with the nation’s only all vegan cafeteria.

We look forward to finding ways to collaborate with our fellow advocates as we, too, work to build a better tomorrow for all residents of Texas, both human and nonhuman.


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