Abolitionist Vegans for Peace

ARRNT: Our Year in Review

by  Barbara DeGrande

While we went online in November of 2010, our group began meeting in early 2011. We now have over sixty members supportive of our mission statement, with 165 followers on  Twitter (@ARRNorthTexas) and over 250 on our Facebook page. We started this blog, started developing a Speaker’s Bureau, and began developing partnerships with other animal advocacy groups. We even took on a wager with a fellow animal rights group, St. Louis Animal Rights Team (START), who gave us a sound beating. Many of our members are also members of other advocacy groups, so we are expanding our networking for animals, too. Here are a few of the things that happened in the past year:

ARRNT in 2011

  • We hosted two fundraisers and opened a non-profit bank account
  • We received a grant from VegFund to help pay our Meetup dot com dues
  • We registered as a non-profit DBA as ARRNT and Animal Rights & Rescue of North Texas in Tarrant County
  • We purchased a banner, leaflets, business cards.
  • We selected a full color logo, had tee shirts printed, and used our logo for our on-line presence
  • We attended the State Veggie Fair
  • We attended and helped host a luncheon and workshop given by Will Tuttle of The World Peace Diet
  • We participated in two leafleting events
  • We began holding Executive Committee Meetings and establishing goals
  • We hosted two potlucks and three meetups at a local vegan restaurant
  • We participated in rescue training in North Richland Hills
  • We hosted a film showing and discussion about activism
  • We contacted many businesses and governmental entities regarding our presence, met the leaders of other animal advocacy groups, and looked for possible venues for future tabling and outreach
What is Ahead in 2012?

The first two years of a new group, especially an advocacy group, are often primarily building membership and a sense of community. We have been fortunate to have many dedicated individuals on board and have already began to work towards our advocacy goals while still increasing our sphere of influence online. With a full complement of plans for the coming year, things are sure to get more exciting and productive in 2012 — stay tuned!


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