Abolitionist Vegans for Peace

Happy First Birthday ARRNT!

On November 6, 2010, Animal Rights & Rescue took to the Meetup Pages in search of members. While it another few months before there were enough members for a meeting, it was exactly one year ago today that ARRNT was born. After one year, ARRNT tee shirts can be found in such faraway places as Invercargill, New Zealand and San Antonio Texas (thank you Jordan Wyatt and Cyndi Rook). With only a few months of meetups under our belt, we have done leafleting, had disaster training, formed an executive committee, trekked to the State Veggie Fair, held a film viewing, and shared many a vegan meal with like minded vegans. We have supported animal rescue groups and began to network with the wonderful rescue community.

We now have this website, a Twitter account (@ARRNorthTexas), a busy Facebook page, and a few dollars in the bank. We are registered as a DBA – ARRNT and Animal Rights & Rescue of North Texas. We have received support from such established groups as Animal Connection of Texas, DFW Wildlife, Invercargill Vegan Society, and St. Louis Animal Rights Team.

With such a busy year behind us, it is with great excitement that we ARRNTers  look forward to what we will be thinking this time next year. Vegan cake, anyone?


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