Abolitionist Vegans for Peace

Lessons in Leafleting

October found four activists ready to take the plunge into activism with a jaunt into leafleting. For our destination, since we had no problems leafleting at a market in the past, we selected a north Arlington market destination.  Attending were Sharky, Adam, Millie and Barb. Sharky and Adam were both great leafleters, polite and effective in engaging with the public.  Sharky was enthusiastic enough to keep up us going when this organizer was ready to call it a day. Millie came for the first time and arrived willing to work – way to go crew!

Successful Day Despite Being Shooed Away!

We were asked to leave Kroger after about 75 minutes in front of their store, and promptly did so.  We then went down the road to Whole Foods. I had some reservations about leafleting there as it is not the type of store to allow much flexibility for such activities.  Sure enough, we were asked to leave within a few minutes. But, not before educating people about the dairy industry. One man was shocked to learn that calves die in the dairy industry, and most people at least took the flyer and looked at it briefly. We reached about 175 people on this leafleting event.

What is a Good Leafleting Venue?

It is most difficult to find a venue for leafleting in our area. Since it seems troublesome to store managers, perhaps we need to find events where we will be less likely to have to leave so soon. As everyone goes about their daily ventures, please apprise us of any possible locations that are public in nature and will not impact a proprietor. We also discussed others ways to get the information into the hands of more north Texas citizens. We want to help our neighbors, not become nuisances!

Vegan Lunch Following Activism

The gentlemen continued their adventure by going to lunch. Last we heard, it was between Loving Hut and Freebirds. Rumor has it that Freebirds has done volunteer work for the local animal shelter and is a vegan friendly place with a cooperative attitude.  We will await feedback from the guys–anyone leave them some leaflets?


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